Flora Dalinae - Luna Geminata

Rembrandt Portrait


Shakespeare Portrait

Cyrano de Bergerac and Roxanne

Spectacles with Holograms and Computers for Seeing Imagined Objects

Liquid and Gaseous Television

Anti-Umbella with Atomized Liquid

Melting Space-Time

Biological Garden

Liquid Tornado Bath Tub

Breathing Pneumatic Armchair

Cybernetic Lobster Telephone

Intra-Uterine Paradesiac Locomotion

Cyclopean Make-Up

Dalinean Prophecy

Bull Fight No.1

Bullfight No.4

Bull Fight No.3

Flower Magician

Les Fleurs et Fruits

Lucky Number of Dali

Sun Goddess Flower

Triumph of the Sea

The Three Graces

American Yachting Scene


Trotting Horse II

Diane de Potiers

Cheval de Picasso

Le Christ-Sepia


Le Fee



Portrait Marguerite

Tauromachie Surrealiste - Le Perroquets

Tauromachie Surrealiste - Le Piano Sous la Neige

Weeping Willow

Witches with Broom

Woman with Clown

Woman with Page

Woman with Torch

Retrospective Suite

La Jeune Femme et le Cochon





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